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academy of sales

The Academy of Sales is an organisation of sales and training experts, with 3 main aims:

  • To help young people launch a career in sales
  • To provide employers with dedicated, motivated and well-trained staff
  • To allow your employees to improve their life in and out of work with behaviourally-focused training

Helping young people into sales

Employment prospects for school leavers in the UK are not improving.  The youth unemployment rate (measured as 18-24 year olds) remains around the 20% mark.

At the same time the requirement for skilled and dedicated salespeople far outstrips supply. Sales is a career that is open to anyone with enough passion and enthusiasm.

The Academy of Sales gives young people the opportunity to launch their career.  We work with a number of employers who are committed to coaching and mentoring sales staff provided they have the right attitude.  Prior to going into their sales role, we enrol candidates through an intensive ‘boot camp’ to teach them both the skills and winning mentality needed to thrive.


Behavioural-based training

Our work with young people has helped us to substantiate how important a winning mentality is at work.  As a result, we now offer behavioural-based training to anyone in a customer-facing role to help them review and alter their attitudes, helping them be more productive at work and in their life outside work.

Rather than merely look at the symptoms, we have designed a methodology – i-DARE – to help learners reflect on how unhelpful thought patterns, often linked to very deep personal experiences, can sabotage us from being at our best.  What’s more, we teach practical ways of dealing with these and replacing them with thoughts and feelings that can help us operate more productively as well as have a better quality of life in and out of work.


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