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Apprenticeship week Newsletter

Lauren Ashe, 20, is currently undertaking a Level 2 Recruitment Resourcer Apprenticeship at leading technology company, ABB. This has been a huge success, both for Lauren and her employer.

“Lauren has embraced her experiences and learning and developed into a competent junior recruiter, has been given added responsibility and manages cases from end to end herself which is way beyond her original brief” Jackie McMahon, Manager

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship instead of going to university?

After applying to university and securing a place at the university of York to study Marketing – I decided that this may not be the right step for me. I was not 100% sure what career I wanted to go into and wasn’t keen on the high costs involved in going to university to do a course that I may not use in the future. I started looking at apprenticeships in recruitment and Human Resources as I had an interest in going into this sector and the idea of being able to work, earn a good salary whilst learning and developing really appealed to me.

What has been the best thing about your apprenticeship?

The best thing for me whilst completing my apprenticeship is recognising all the amazing opportunities I have been given during the course. I have been able to attend careers fairs, arrange graduate assessment days and become a part of a great team that are guiding and helping me grow into the Talent Partner I aspire to be.

“In essence, the apprentice opportunity and framework has helped Lauren shine, she is a great example of what new apprenticeships are all about”

Jackie McMahon, Manager

What would you recommend to other young people thinking about an apprenticeship?

If you are currently leaving school or college, please don’t think going to University is the only option to upskill yourself ready for a career in the future. Doing an apprenticeship can open so many doors to explore different career paths in the sector that you chose to study in e.g. engineering/human resources. An apprenticeship allows you to gain the real life work experience that you will need, whilst studying for a qualification even up to a degree level.

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There are plenty of talented young people out there that, with the right mentoring and support, can provide a real asset to your business. As Jackie told us ‘In essence, the apprentice opportunity and framework has helped Lauren shine, she is a great example of what new apprenticeships are all about.’

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