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Invest in yourself and your career

Whilst apprenticeships are often associated with providing young people with a foothold into work, there is no age limit on an apprenticeship and many thousands of the UK workforce are investing in their own career and personal development via an apprenticeship.

Our internal apprenticeships in sales and customer service allow you to refresh your core skills and gain an industry-approved qualification and show your employer you are committed to self-improvement.

How it works

The apprenticeship combines 4 elements:

  1. Assessment in your role – a monthly assessment from a trained assessor to allow you to prove you have the core skills
  2. Functional skills assessment and improvement in Maths and English if required
  3. Monthly training from the Academy to improve both your core skills as well as behavioural skills training in areas such as self-confidence and assertiveness
  4. If you or we identify specific areas that might block you from completing your training, we can provide additional support through one-to-one coaching


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