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Get a start in sales

Our apprenticeship programmes are a tried, tested and trusted direct route for young people to launch a career. As a result of our recent record of stellar results, we are now working with an impressive number of high ranking organisations that are desperately needing quality staff and are increasingly more prepared to invest in young people.

At AoS, our role is simple – we ensure you get the best possible training to give you the best possible chance of being successful in your apprenticeship. We do this in four main ways:

  • We have a rigorous, attitudinally-based, recruitment programme to check whether this is the right role for you
  • We provide a 6 week ‘boot-camp’ to ensure you are fully prepared to take on the role
  • As well as core skills, we focus on the mindset needed to be successful, introducing the Winning Mentality and helping you improve your focus, motivation and resilience
  • We will coach you monthly for nearly 10 months to overcome any areas that might be blocking you from completing your programme, such as self-confidence or resilience

You will be assigned an employer that is fully committed to working with young people. There will be opportunities within both sales and customer service, both areas where we know that career progression can happen quickly. Some of our apprentices have seized the day and moved themselves into senior and management roles within 18 months.

You will get a regular review from a trained sales assessor and you will also have an opportunity to improve your functional skills in the crucial areas of Maths and English. Most important of all, you are getting more than just a start on the career ladder. You are equipping yourself with all the personal life skills necessary to launch your professional career with momentum.

AoS offers far more than just a start in sales. We are government accredited training providers in the area of attitudinal skills and behaviour training. As a result, we are delivering all the coaching and training necessary to ensure you become motivated sales people of the highest order.

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