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Case Study: Suhel

Case Study: Suhel

BT has employed a number of young people in their sales offices and they are delivering some exceptional results. We focus on one of them, Suhel Ahmed.

Suhel’s story

Suhel, 21, arrived in the UK from Bangladesh at the age of 11. He was working as a cleaner and a waiter when he applied for the apprenticeship. AoS looks for 5 qualities in potential apprentices; resilience, determination, curiosity, good communication and drive. Suhel showed all of these; particularly resilience and determination.

Boot camp

In January 2014 he began a 6 week boot camp with AoS, where we drilled him and 10 others on sales, and more importantly how to manage their internal state and bounce back after rejections quicker.

From classroom to workplace

In March he joined the telesales team at a BT Local Business in South East London. Initially, the management team had doubts; he was quiet, anxious and had no sales experience. However, Suhel exhibited those core skills of determination and resilience, knuckled down and attended monthly coaching from AoS where we challenged him to step out of his comfort zone.

Suhel is now generating leads and selling complex solutions across the portfolio which is exceptional given his lack of industry knowledge when he started

A supportive employer

Suhel’s manager mentored and coached him on a regular basis also giving him product training. Support was a 3 way process between Suhel, BT and AoS. He started to understand the sales process, have more successful calls, build a pipeline and recover from knock backs faster.

Driving results

Suhel is now generating leads and selling complex solutions across the portfolio which is exceptional given his lack of industry knowledge when he started. He recently found a lead that resulted in the sale of 7 switches and a data package remarkable for someone with no previous experience.

A full time job

Suhel has been offered a full time job from January 2016 and will have finished his sales NVQ and apprenticeship.

The bigger picture

Suhel’s story is heartwarming but by no means exceptional. There are plenty of young people for whom sales is a perfect fit – they just need a start and some encouragement during those tough first few months. At AoS we believe in giving young talent a chance and investing time in them. We feel that with the raw talent we find, our training and your support you can mould them into the sales force of the future.

I am starting to get regular bonuses now and people are starting to respect me


Get involved

Nina, Suhel’s sales manager said:

Suhel has been our nicest little surprise

Let us help you find your next little surprise to help grow your business and inspire your existing sales team.

Samantha Lewis

Owner and Managing Director at Academy of Sales

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