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1. Policy Statement

1.1 The Academy Hub is committed to ensuring the promotion of equality of opportunity for all members of its apprenticeships and other training programmes. It is seeking to create a climate where all forms of discriminatory behaviour are challenged, differences between individuals celebrated and generate a culture where all candidates are encouraged to achieve their full potential. The Academy Hub is keen to ensure that equality of opportunity underpins all policies, valuing all members of our training community equally.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy covers all forms of discrimination as defined by the Equality Act 2010. Firstly Direct Discrimination whereby a person is treated less favorably because of a protected characteristic, or discrimination through the perception that they have a protected characteristic, or discrimination based on a person’s association with someone who has a protected characteristic. Secondly, Indirect Discrimination where there is an unjustifiable application of a provision, criterion or practice, even though it is applied to everyone where individuals of a protected characteristic are unfairly disadvantaged.

2.2 Protected characteristics refer to: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. The Academy Hub seeks to ensure that no individual or group – because of their protected characteristic – face discrimination, harassment or victimisation. It is now also unlawful for employers to ask health related questions prior to job offer, unless the questions are specifically related to an intrinsic function of the work.

2.3 The policy relates to all apprentices, staff and directors at The Academy Hub.

2.4 The Academy Hub will abide by the current equality legislation (October 1st 2010) and ensure that all subsequent legislative changes are fully utilised to update the Equality Policy accordingly. The policy will be reviewed accordingly by The Academy Hub when such publications become available.

3. Equality Policy and Core Values

3.1 Promoting, celebrating and valuing diversity is at the heart of the The Academy Hub core values, and will benefit us in all aspects of its members’ performance.

3.2 Respect
The Academy Hub will undertake to ensure all individuals and groups are treated fairly, courteously and with respect. Beliefs, values and religious views will be respected and tolerance encouraged where individuals or groups may have differences.

3.3 Excellence and High Aspirations
The Academy Hub will ensure that all members of the community are encouraged, supported and have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. Pride will be taken in all achievements, and celebrated where appropriate.

3.4 Support
All members of the The Academy Hub will be given equal access to support in their work. The Academy Hub will make all reasonable adjustments to ensure individuals are given assistance and help where appropriate.

3.5 Inclusion
Diversity is not only valued by the The Academy Hub but also celebrated and promoted. The Academy Hub will seek to ensure that individuals understand differences in others and that activities and opportunities are adjusted where appropriate to ensure equality of access for all groups.

3.6 Global Citizenship
The Academy Hub celebrates and promotes understanding of international differences, encouraging all members of the The Academy Hub team to develop a better appreciation, tolerance and respect for global issues.

3.7 Enthusiasm
The Academy Hub is a passionate organisation, and will seek to nurture a positive attitude amongst all of the apprentices towards diversity, celebrating and exploring differences and valuing all individuals.

3.8 Integrity
All inappropriate behaviour and actions against the spirit of the Equality Policy will be challenged and not tolerated. The Academy Hub Members are expected to act with integrity at all times in recognising and respecting individuals’ differences.

4. Monitoring and Administration

4.1 The Academy Hub will have a dedicated Policy Manager who is responsibility it is for updating this policy and will make sure all relevant parties are aware of its existence. All members of staff or contractors will be asked to read and abide by the policy before commencing any work with The Academy Hub. All working agreement with apprentices will ensure that apprentices are aware of this policy and abide by it. The Policy Manager will be responsible for updating and amending this policy when required. The current policy manager is Karen Bishop.

5. Breaches of the Equality Policy

5.1 The Academy Hub will take very seriously any instances of non-compliance to our Equality Policy by staff, apprentices or other members of our team. All instances will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary action taken any individual.

6. Access to the Equality Policy

6.1 The Academy Hub will seek to ensure that all candidates, apprentices, staff, trainers and directors are aware of the Equality Policy and the expectations it conveys.

6.2 The Academy Hub commitment to equality and diversity will be embedded as part of our recruitment policy and all candidates, apprentices and staff will have access to it on our website

6.3 Our apprentice induction programme will emphasis our commitment to equality and diversity, highlighting the expectations of an apprentice behaviour, and the consequences for engaging in inappropriate conduct.

6.5 All trainers will receive a summary of their responsibilities under the Equality Policy and will signify their understanding of, and agreement to these responsibilities.

6.6 All new staff will be given appropriate equality and diversity staff development as part of their programme of induction, and existing staff will receive staff development updates on equality and diversity issues where appropriate.

7. Summary of expectations:

7.1 Apprentices will be expected to:

  • not engage in or accept any bullying or harassment
  • respect, recognise and acknowledge varying needs of all members
  • be prepared to challenge and report inappropriate behavior
  • act with due consideration and respect towards all members at all times.
  • treat all staff, fellow apprentices and trainers with courtesy and respect at all times, and without discrimination.

7.2 Candidates can expect from The Academy Hub:

  • inclusive learning practices which acknowledge differences in candidates’ learning styles and abilities
  • learning materials free from bias, which celebrate diversity and challenge stereotyping
  • all instances of bullying, harassment or discrimination to be taken seriously and fully investigated, with appropriate action taken.
  • to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • a learning environment where differences are not only respected but are celebrated
  • all reasonable adjustments and support in helping you meet your learning aims

7.3 Staff will be expected to:

  • uphold our core values at all times
  • challenge and report all instances of bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • lead by example in demonstrating understanding of, and respect for differences in diversity groups
  • be courteous, respectful and treat without discrimination all members
  • contribute to the development of a learning environment free from discrimination, victimisation harassment.

7.4 Staff can expect from The Academy Hub:

  • all employees to have equal chances of staff development, career development and promotion opportunities.
  • appropriate induction training and subsequent staff development on equality and diversity issues where appropriate
  • inappropriate behaviour from any member to be challenged, with appropriate disciplinary action taken
  • to be treated fairly at all times, in an environment which respects individual differences and challenges discrimination
  • all staff members to take responsibility for promoting a fair, inclusive and supportive environment, where discriminatory practices are challenged.

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