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Sales Apprentice Proves Himself


Academy of Sales is thrilled to announce that former apprentice Jake Nixon has become the youngest ever Inside Account Manager at EMC2, the global leader in IT and business transformation, for the whole of the Scottish market at the tender age of 20.

Jake started work at EMC2 in September 2013 aged 18, following an intensive up-front course with the Academy of Sales. He did so well on his apprenticeship that the company gave him a role in its Cork office where he did a mixture of cold-calling and business development.

Jake used the skills he learned during his time with AoS – both the science of sales and mind-set skills such as resilience and self-motivation to help drive success in his 21 months there.

His line manager in Cork, Markus Jolic, commented “Jake is a role model of a hardworking, focused and patient young talent. His positive mindset, coachability and drive for results are remarkable and helped him to progress in his career. “

Regarding work or uni as a choice Jake’s view is clear. ‘Unless you want to do a profession that requires a degree I would recommend an apprenticeship. In my industry, for example, experience and the right training are more important than a degree.’

Jake, like many other teenagers, enjoyed school, but was not particularly motivated by academic achievement. So when he found out about Academy of Sales through the government’s apprenticeship website, he didn’t hesitate to apply.

Of the course itself, and AoS, he has nothing but praise: ‘Samantha Lewis and Josh Campbell were very helpful, from my first interview to my last day presentation. Learning about the psychological aspects of sales was incredibly useful and becoming more confident with my communication at all levels has helped me considerably in boosting my career prospects.”


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