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AoS has changed me completely. Firstly, I have matured a lot considering at school I was a bit of a clown. Secondly I am now confident in public speaking which Sam (Lewis) and Josh (Campbell) helped me with a lot. Lastly, thanks to AoS I had the opportunity to work abroad; although its only in Ireland, I would recommend everyone to try and get a job abroad.


Jake Nixon Bw

The process has definitely changed me; I'm much more confident in my abilities and have a lot more self-belief. In addition, my communication and presentational skills have also rapidly improved, but most importantly though, the process has helped me remain motivated for the first time in my life... The best thing about the apprenticeship was Sam (Lewis) and Josh (Campbell)’s support throughout. They truly are excellent at instilling belief into people and equipping them with the necessary tools for the sales environment.



I think the process has given me a lot of confidence. Looking for a new career is so difficult and disheartening when you don’t have any experience – this has made me so much more confident and has given me the experience I needed... If I hadn’t done the apprenticeship, I have no idea what I’d be doing now! I was so lost at the time and this apprenticeship helped me find something that I wanted to do.

Katherine West Bw

The confidence, tenacity and self-motivation of the sales apprentices is inspiring, they have grabbed this opportunity and are achieving very challenging targets.

Johnston Press PLC

Our Apprentice is an asset to the team, hardworking and motivated. They came into the business ready to hit the ground running.

Local World

The AoS Apprentice has been our nicest little surprise.


Having quite literally no experience with apprenticeship programmes, I’ll admit I was somewhat sceptical as to how much value it could add to the business. I was pleasantly surprised – Tom has been a fantastic addition to the sales team, hard-working, keen and loyal. He has consistently achieved targets and booked some great leads for the field. I am more than happy that Tom will be joining our team as a full time sales executive in January.


Working with AOS has brought massive benefits to our business in the way that we recruit new talent and in the way that we manage campaigns and new business.

Johnston Press PLC

Academy of Sales has an industry leading blend of a thorough understanding of what effective sales training and coaching looks like combined with comprehensive knowledge of sales apprenticeships. This puts them in a strong position to support both government funded and privately funded training. AoS are in a unique position having years of experience doing both.


In my three months with AoS they did not only teach me the skills of selling a product, but taught me the resilience needed in any sales environment, that some days won’t be as successful as others, they guided me through step by step how to make the good days last and the bad days disappear. I can’t speak highly enough of the Academy of Sales and would recommend to anyone wanting to start a career in sales to start here as they will give you the foundations for a successful career. I have to thank Josh (Campbell), Sam (Lewis) and all the trainers for everything as i wouldn’t be where I am today without them!


AoS was something I stumbled onto while looking for roles online and I thought I would give it a go. I was cautiously optimistic but not too hopeful as I’d had no luck up to that point. From my first day working with AoS they completely surpassed my expectations. Their message was a breath of fresh air – that people without a University education can be just as valuable to a business as those with one... Due to the further development I received at Johnston Press and the further support I received from Academy of Sales I started to stand out from the crowd and really make a name for myself within the business. I was over the moon when this lead to me being promoted to the Manager of the North East Publishing Unit looking after 7 newspaper titles after 18 months of being there.  I currently run a team of highly skilled agents who sell, design and manage the adverts within these publications.

I would definitely say that AoS’s training and support was paramount to my success and I will undoubtedly be in constant contact with them throughout my career.

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